Jet torch grenade lighter
Jet torch grenade lighter
Jet torch grenade lighter
Jet torch grenade lighter
Jet torch grenade lighter
Jet torch grenade lighter
Jet torch grenade lighter
Jet torch grenade lighter

Jet torch grenade lighter

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This Grenade lighter is different from traditional styling, using creative Grenade ignition design, just open the cap and press the button.

High quality material: Plating process and bright chrome casing. High gloss finished with plastics and Zinc alloy material. lightweight, wear resistant and durable.

How to Use?

  1. Open the buckle downwards.
  2. Press the lock button,the lid automatically flip.
  3. Press the button to ignite.
  4. When the gas in the lighter is used up, it can be replenished through the hole at the bottom of the lighter

·100% brand new and high-quality made.
·Absolutely safe and easy to use.
·This lighter is windproof .
·Without Box.
·Fit for male gift, collector, tobacco lovers etc..

Due to shipping regulations that the lighters has no lighter fluid included. Thus when you receive the lighters, please be reminder fill fuel/butane gas before you use it.

1. What should I use to refill the lighter?

Fill the lighter with BUTANE only. Turn the lighter upside down so the bottom faces upwards and it’s top rests on your work surface. Insert the grommet covered tip of the applicator into the refill valve. Press down on the bottle to disengage the refill bottle’s release valve.

2. Where is this made? 

This product is designed in Canada, with one of our partner manufacturers. Take note that this product is only EXCLUSIVE for JAUNTER. Beware of fake items. We advice to only deal with Jaunter and/or our partners. 

3. How long should the refill last?

It actually depends on how you use it. With continuous use (Mid Setting), it can fire up to 35-40 minutes.

4. Why is not my lighter not working?

Check the lighter to see if you have correctly filled it. Press the switch until it clicks and hold it. If the lighter hisses, you are golden. If it doesn’t hiss, it would be a good time to refill the lighter. Work in a flat surface. ALWAYS REFILL YOUR LIGHTER UPSIDE DOWN.

Avoid dropping the lighter. It may cause some mechanical parts to not function properly.